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Check out our F.A.Q. list below to find answers to your most pressing questions and concerns. If your question isn’t listed here please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why a crowd-sourced cycling team?
In a time period where more and more crowd sourced and open source initiatives are employed (e.g. the linux operating system, and a crowd sourced cycling team seems very fitting. With its enormous global fan base, international racing calendar and easy and free spectator access it seems like an ideal setting for a crowd managed initiative.

The main characteristic that makes cycling a good crowd managed setting is the fact that a cycling team is not based in one limited geographical area. During the season the team races and trains all over the world which means in effect that the team will come to you instead of you having to travel far and wide to catch a glimpse of YOUR team.

Has this or something similar been done before?
A cycling team like this has never been done before. However, there is a football team that has been managed and owned by a crowd in England. This team, Ebbsfleet United was bought last year by a group of 30.000 people that organised themselves through Ever since then the have successfully been making decisions about player buying and selling, team selections, sponsor agreements and much more.
This example proves that it is definitely possible!

Why should I register myself as an ‘Aspring CrowdRider’ now?

CrowdRiders is momentary trying to find out if there is enough support from cycling enthusiasts around the world to start a crowd managed pro cycling team. By starting an ‘aspiring CrowdRider’ registration process we will know if there is at least 40.000 people out there who would be willing to participate in this project. It will let us know if a sound base is available to start accepting payments and kick this project off the ground.
It is mainly aimed at reducing the risk of failure for all you potential CrowdRiders. Because as the name indicates we need a crowd. A big crowd to make this project happen.

Why is the targeted budget 4 million EUR?
Based on the budget of other pro continental cycling teams a budget of 4 million EUR seems to be necessary to operate competitively in the peloton.
For example the 2008 Tour de France participating teams of Barloworld and Agritubel had respective budgets of 3.5 and 3.7 million EUR. So by aiming at a 4 million annual budget CrowdRiders will have the possibility of riding the biggest races around the world. The kind of races where you can follow YOUR CrowdRiders team on tv.

How will the CrowdRiders team be managed?
Democratic decision making will be the key in CrowdRiders decision making. Voting sessions will be held over all the decisions affecting the team. However, just like any normal pro-cycling team the team will have a team manager, sports directors and trainers. These positions will be taken by professional people with experience in the field that will be chosen by the community. They will, based on the choices made by the Crowd, guide the team in the right direction so that the maximum results are achieved and important races can be won.
CrowdRiders' members can always suggest new ideas and management approaches for the benefit of the team. This will be actively encouraged cause CrowdRiders believes in the power, talent and knowledge of the Crowd. With input from a big and dedicated community CrowdRiders is sure it will be able to become an innovative world-class team capable of beating the biggest cycling teams in the world!

If I become a member what will my decision power be?

Every member will have a vote in all the key decisions regarding the cycling team. This ranges from firing/hiring riders, sports director choice, determining the race calendar and rider selection to the internal team’s doping policy. Even the team’s jersey design and final team name will be decided by the crowd.
At any time the crowd can contribute issues and topics for voting.

What are the benefits I will have when I become a member?
Among other things the benefits for CrowdRiders members will be:
  • Be one of the owners and managers of the team; voting power for every member over a wide range of team decisions from rider’s signing and team selection, race calendar design, rider’s selection for races, jersey design up to the team’s internal doping policy.
  • Get an insiders view in the team through members only news feeds, video footage, riders interviews and more
  • See YOUR pro-cycling team on tv riding the biggest races around the world
  • embers only access to the team’s season opening and closing events
  • Possibility to ride with the pro riders of the CrowdRiders team during specially organised member events
  • Your name on the official team’s jersey and tour bus (see below for more on this)
  • The advantage of a global cycling team: As the race calendar will be determined by you you can vote to see your team participate in races close to your living area
  • and more………….(let us know what you would like to vote upon)

What is the story with ‘become a member and get your name on the team’s jersey and team bus?

Traditionally founded cycling teams are generally set up and run by a big sponsor who’s name is represented in the team’s name, on the jerseys and on the team bus.
At CrowdRiders, a team being funded by both external sponsors and 40.000 members, every member can be considered a small sponsor as well. And we at CrowdRiders think that each sponsor deserves equal treatment. Therefore every member’s name will be put on the team’s jersery and team bus. This also visually emphasizes the unique crowd sourced and managed approach thatis applied in the CrowdRiders’ pro-cycling team.
It is one of the unique and cool characteristics that will put CrowdRiders in the spotlight of the peloton!

But how do 40.000 names fit on a jersey?

Basically it means that everyone’s name will be printed fairly small. Similarly, Football club Alaves from Spain wore a specially designed bright pink-coloured shirt with the names of all the club’s season-ticket holders, about 13.500, embroidered into the fabric during their 2001 UEFA Cup campaign. And it brought them all the way to the final! Seems like a good idea then, doesn’t it?!

What is the 55 EUR membership fee used for?
The fee consists of two parts: a 50EUR part that directly goes to the team and a 5 EUR part that will be used to run the website portal and related communication costs needed to link the Crowd with the cycling team.
The first part (50 eur) will go directly to setting up a pro cycling team. Among other things it will be used to pay riders’, team managers’, soigneurs’ and the team doctor’s salaries, pay licenses and set-up fees to the UCI, buy car’s and a tour bus and many many other things.
The second part of the fee (5 eur) is required to finance and run the website and related communication costs. For a crowd managed team the website and communication is very important as it is the tool linking the crowd, and its decision making process, to the cycling team. It needs to be custom build and fine tuned for this task.
Cost examples are: membership registration, database and website set-up costs (the website will become a very unique and interactive tool) and web server and maintenance costs.

How can I ride together with one of the CrowdRiders’ team pro riders?
Always fancied climbing Alpe d'Huez or the Mont Ventoux together with the professionals? CrowdRiders will give you this chance. All the way through the season, around races and training camps, ‘members only’ events will be organized where you as a member will have the chance to ride with the pro’s. Apart from riding with them you will have  chance to chat with the pro's, eat the same food as the pro's and much more....

Who are you?
For information about me and why I am trying to set up a crowd owned and managed pro cycling team you can take a look at the about me section of this site.

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